eProMail: Uptime

eProMail: Best in Class Uptime

If you’ve ever had your email service go down, you know how important uptime is. Businesses rely on email more than ever before, whether it’s a “contact us” link on your website, emailing client documents, or gathering your team for a meeting. In fact, over 80% of small business owners consider reliable email an important part of their success. 100-1127999-mHowever, maintaining safe, reliable email service is no easy task. Just ask the 25% of business owners who experienced major email outages last year.

The Satisfaction Guarantee
eProMail customers have the luxury of not worrying about uptime. We guarantee all systems related to delivering your email are operational—100% of the time. We’re that confident because we have nearly a decade of experience successfully navigating mail to inboxes, safely, quickly, and efficiently.

How Do We Deliver?
That requires vigilance on multiple fronts to guarantee on demand email performance every time you hit “send”:

  • Sending & Receiving—Across multiple data centers, we maintain over 3,500 mail servers moving more than 50 million messages a day. Using simple, scalable inbound and outbound mail servers, traffic spikes are efficiently spread across data centers and new servers are deployed on demand. All of this happens without a blip in service on your end.
  • Email Recovery—Users can recover email messages from the Recover Deleted Email tool up to 14 days after an item is purged from Trash.
  • System Metrics & Alerts—Real-time monitoring tells us immediately if there’s a broken link in our system before it affects your inbox. All day, every day from over 20 locations on five continents, we test mail delivery, server availability, and security. When a problem arises, dozens of experienced engineers handle the problem and plan to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Our People—Engineers and developers are the foundation of our guarantee. We’ve assembled functional teams dedicated to individual aspects of mail delivery. Within these teams, developers designing new features and fixes work alongside engineers responsible for troubleshooting and keeping the systems running. So if something goes wrong, the people who built the systems are working in sync with the people expected to fix it.
  • With our highly specialized, directed teams and processes focused on your email, you can go back to focusing on your business.

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