Legal Agreements

TOS: Terms of Service
The terms of service is the primary agreement between nettigritty and the customer for service to be rendered.
AUP: Acceptable Use Policy
This documents is for clients as a guide to client rights and responsibilities when utilizing services offered by nettigritty.
Registrar Registrant Agreement for Domain Names
This represents the Agreement between the Registrant (Owner) of a Domain Name and the Registrar. If you register a domain name through us, this Agreement will apply to the person whose information you filled in the Owner section during the Registration process
Customer Agreement for Domain Names
This represents an addendum to the Customer Master Agreement between yourself and us for Domain Registration
Privacy Policy
An explanation of how we handle your personal and contact information.
Cookie Policy
An explanation on how we handle and use browser cookies.
Cancellation and Refund
We offer a 30 day money back period on shared hosting for new accounts of first time customers. No other services are refundable.

Last updated on 12th November, 2022