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Superfast Response

Superfast Response. Very customer friendly. Even at 8:30pm, my work was done in jiffy . Great work culture.

Aura Illumination
via Google Reviews

10 out of 10

Hello Team,

I know i have been disturbing you guys a lot but i really appreciate your immediate response. You are a great team and it is defined by your efforts of attending customer immediately.

This is the first time ever i could see and experience such a quick response and that does not made me waiting in a queue for long long hours on calls.

I don´t have software technical background but was curious to play and make changes with my website and email servers of my own.

And i have done it, but trust me this would have not been possible without your support and immediate reverts.

You are a great team. Please keep it up..

I give you 10 out of 10 marks for your team efforts of every individual involved directly or indirectly.
Thank you again.

Warm regards,

Harshal Thorat
Director | CEO
Navisionn Business Services Pvt. Ltd, Pune

100% satisfaction all along

Nettigritty, provides very professional web hosting services. My Design Studio, FL!P Design, has used their services for the last 4 years and has enjoyed 100% satisfaction all along.

We believe Nettigritty provides a very competitive set of services and products. The support team is available at all times to sort out any "Nitti Gritty" one might have.

We continue to work with the firm and trust that they will continue to push forward keeping in line with their reputation for excellence.

Arvind Prabhakar
Director, Co-founder
Designer FL!P Design

Jet Responses!

I had hired services from Nettigrity and found great solutions to my problem. I am basically a Doctor by profession and have no knowledge about the server and ISPs. I found Nettigrity on search engine and asked for help. Within no time I was able to exchange few thoughts and got good response to my quries. And by no time I was managed to buy two domains instead of one. The same warm and jet response was when I uploaded my site and was not knowing about the FTPs and all. Nettigrity gave me full support to upload my site on my own. It was great for me to upload my own site by me and without help from my It friends. Thanks

Rahul Kolamkar
Vighnahar Homoeo Care

Unwavering Support

The team has always been there and have never backed off in times of adversity. I have never come across a similar service provider at least 50% as Responsible as Nettigritty.

Suresh Janardhan
Project lead at Hubspire
via LinkedIN